AMF 6930 Gr.12 Gear Cylinder

AMF 6930 Gr.12  Gear Cylinder Image

AMF 6930 Gr.12 Gear Cylinder

Product Name: AMF 6930 Gr.12 Gear Cylinder
Brand: AMF
Product Code: 6930 Gr.12
Gear Cylinder

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Design:Cylinder barrel from steel, burnished. Piston and piston rod case hardened and ground. Wiper at piston rod, with plastic seal for bottom sealing of the cylinder. Oil supply via oil channel in fixture body.Application:These threaded cylinders can be used in all types of clamping fixtures. Ideal for pressure bars for tolerance compensation in multiple-workpiece clamping fixtures, and for positioning, holding or ejecting, and clamping workpieces.Features:Small dimensions, can be installed closely spaced side-by-side. The cylinders can be screwed into the fixture body up to the hexagon.Note:Pistons of these cylinders must not be loaded in retracted position. Care for protection against aggressive lubricants and coolants. The sealing surface of the mounting hole to the thread must be at a right angle and even.