Aryung ACFC-S29-50-C25-TM Coolant filter system

Aryung ACFC-S29-50-C25-TM Coolant filter system Image

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ACFC series is a dual filtering system that consists of a Cyclone Filter combined with an Element Filter. The Cyclone Filter can filter out heavier impurities such as metal chips, and then the Element Filter filters out the rest of the smaller and lighter ones such as floating elements to approximate the filtering to perfection.The Cyclone filters applied in this system can be used semi-permanently. The Element filters also have relatively longer life cycles with being cleaned just by supplying air. Impurities filtered by Cyclone and Element Filters get released through the outlets of the drains, and users can easily catch them by installing baskets or buckets at the discharging lines.ACFC series characterizes that a filter is integrated in a pump, and an ACFC can be installed at a relatively small space because of its compact size.It is recommended for oils with low viscosity, 2cSt or lower, such as water based cutting oil.Pump division: S29 : AJ-290Pressure (bar): 50T : Cabinet type(Clean tank - Built)M : Manual typeTypeHigh Pre’ pumpMotorBuilt-inPumpDischargevolumel/minMax’ PressureMPa/barMotorOut-putkwFrequencyHzVoltageVCurrentAACFC-T216-2081.8/181.550200/3806.3/3.31500-216102.0/060220/3806.1/3.5ACFC-T216-30122.8/283.050200/38010.3/5.93000-216163.0/3060220/38010.0/5.8ACFC-S29-50405.0/505.550200/38020.1/11.5AJ-2905060220/38023.1/13.4ACFC-S25-70207.0/705.550200/38020.1/11.5AJ-2502560220/38023.1/13.4