Black Bruin BBR 15F Hydraulic Rotator

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The radial piston BBR F rotator makes loading efficient in heavy-duty applications. You can trust its capability to do heavy lifting, thanks to its unlimited rotation, excellent load capacity and high torque. Each and every part in BBR F has been designed for heavy-duty purposes and rotator maintains its power throughout its long service life. BBR F is the top choice for fast and productive loading, when precision and strength are required. Features Unlimited rotation Designed to endure the high external loads Constant high torque throughout the turning range Built-in relief valves protect the hydraulic system All-weather sealing for demanding work environmentsTechnical specificationsLink type I-100 Axial load capacity (static) 150 kN Displacement per rotation 788 ccm Recommended oilflow 20 l/min Max. rotation speed 30 rpm Max. torque (25 Mpa) 3000 Nm Torque per 1 MPa 120 Nm Total weight 73 kg