Brinkmann TC160 / 740 Submersible pump

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Impellers closeddata sheetoperation manualInquiry formCAD technical drawing 2D / 3DTechnical informationSubmersible pumps The multi-stage pump types (S) TC25 to (S) TC460 were specially developedfor the coolant supply of internally cooled tools .With their closed impellers they achieve optimal hydraulic values ??with the lowest drive power.For special control tasks can drives are used, which must be matched in their design to the pump characteristics. See Technical Information Taxes / Regulations.Diving depth extension possible . See technical information for medium pressure pumps.(S) TC160Technical drawingCharacteristicsField of applicationMediaIndustrialwatercooling emulsions Cooling and cutting oilsKinematic viscosity... 45 mm² / s (45 cSt)Delivery temperature0 ... 60 ° CexecutionPump bodyCast ironPump jacketstolecoverPBTPInlet strainerstoleWheelsPBTPwavestoleMechanical sealSiCO-ringsViton by requestPump bodyCrNi steelMotor switchable4 - 2 polesConnectionthread suction sideG 1 1/4 Sound pressure58 dBA ((S) TC160 / 330)63 dBA ((S) TC160 / 430 ... (S) TC160 / 740)Technical specificationsTypeFlowatheadupmeasureDivingdepthoverallweight Leist-clothesChipvoltage3 ~frequencyfrequencyelectricityrotaryspeedl / min / mH mmh mmkgkWVHzA1 / min(S) TC160 / 330    160/1534532515.01.1220-240504.332850 380-415502.502850     1.27460602.43440(S) TC160 / 430    160/2739342523.01.7220-240506.242890 380-415503.602890     1.95460603.53480(S) TC160 / 580    160/4042558029.02.2220-24050