Brinkmann TS15/190 Immersion Pump

Brinkmann TS15/190   Immersion Pump Image

Brinkmann TS15/190 Immersion Pump

Product Name: Brinkmann TS15/190 Immersion Pump
Brand: Brinkmann
Product Code: TS15/190
Immersion Pump

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TS12, 13, 21, 22, 24, TM24, 26 – Peripheral impellersImmersion Pumps Models TS12 to TM26 are suitable for CNC machine tools featuring coolant supply through the tool holder or driving spindle or equipped with internally cooled tool. These pumps are equipped with a peripheral impeller to achieve a compact high pressure unit.Series TS/TM are suitable for filtered coolant only. To reduce pump pressure, models TS22 to TM26 are also available with an optional Y/YY (Dahlander) motor configuration for 4 pole operation at half speed.Special versions of the TS pumps can be supplied for use with temperature controlling systems carrying thermal oils of up to 150° C resp. 200° C.Applications Types of fluid water coolants cooling/cutting oilsKinematic viscosity90 mm²/s (90 cSt)Pumping temperature 0 – 80°C 150° C (200° C) as special make (TS) ConstructionPump bodyCast ironCoverCast ironImpellersBrassShaftSteelMechanical sealGraphite based (TM)OptionalPump bodyBronze (TS12 – TS22)CoverBronze (TS12 – TS22)ImpellersCrNi-steel (TS12…TS22)Noise levelTS12 – 1354 dBATS21 – 2264 dBATM24 – 2666 dBATS2467 dBA