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Caterpillar 1113244 Pump

Product Name: Caterpillar 1113244 Pump
Brand: Caterpillar
Product Code: 1113244

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cat cat pump used Cat 1113244 pump CP-533, CS-583Unfortunately, breakdowns and wear of special equipment are inevitable. To reduce wasted time and money, you need to go to a reliable parts supplier. We offer any spare parts for Caterpillar equipment. We work strictly with manufacturers, without intermediaries.Our company "Zarya" is based in Khabarovsk. If the item is in stock, delivery will take 2 to 20 days depending on the region and delivery method. For example, the route of a spare part by plane to Moscow will take 3 days. Bulky orders (the whole crane or a lot of spare parts) are more profitable to launch by water - you will save a lot, regardless of which seaport is chosen.Our prices differ from dealerships for the better. Compared to metropolitan firms by 7-15%. Also, customers will be interested in the fact that we work under an agreement with transport companies (air and auto), as a result - delivery is cheaper by 20-30%.In the case of spare parts for construction equipment, 2 points are extremely important:- First: timing. Details will be delayed due to our fault - we compensate every day of downtime.- Second: accuracy. In order to receive the necessary spare parts, prepare information on the equipment before contacting - we need the model, serial number and year of manufacture. In the case of motors, gearboxes, units - plate (tag). If the item is rare, then a photo will help.We entered the market only in April and we understand that this will alert someone. Well, we are open to any questions, including, upon request, we can send a photo of a spare part with a date (or shoot a video about a spare part that you are interested in to confirm that the spare part is there and is waiting for you. By the way, go to our YouTube channel there we post video about the supplied spare parts. We work with a prepayment: 30, 50 or 100%, whichever is more convenient for you. We give a one-year warranty.Contact us is easy: by mail, mobile or landline phone, in WhatsApp and Viber. -this spare part in the catalog, leave a request on our website komhit.We cooperate directly with companies and with procurement specialists - contact in any of these ways, we will discuss the conditions.