Cemb TRAL-V Vibration Monitoring

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Absolute vibration monitoring transmitter with 2 alarm levelsCompact systems, easy to install and interface to the centralized acquisition systemMeasurement of the absolute vibration of the bearing or support of any type of rotating machine which can be interfaced directly to an acquisition system supplying an analog signal (4 ÷ 20 mA) and 2 alarm contactsThe vibration monitoring transmitter TRAL-A and TRAL-V transmitters minimize the incidence of installation and wiring, which normally limits the application possibilities of conventional vibration monitoring systems.Composition:Transmitter designed for mounting on DIN guideTRAL - V model interfaceable with velocity meterTRAL - A model interfaceable with preampliÞ edTransducers which can be used:Velocity metersT1-40 - T1-40V - T1-40BFT1-38 - T1-38V - T1-38BFAccelerometersTA18 - M16 - M602.Power supplies:24 Vdc rated (24-35 Vdc).External connections:Terminal board for connection of transducerTerminal board for connection of alarm contactsBNC connector for connection to analyzer.Ambient operating temperature range:-35°C ÷ +70°CAlarms:2 thresholds adjustable between 10% and 100% of theRange of measurement through graduated trimmers.Time delay in tripping, adjustable through trimmers (0,2 ÷ 5 sec.).2 led?s signalling tripping of relays.