Checkline BTM-400PLUS Belt Tension Meter

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SpecificationsMeasuring Range*10 - 800 HzIndicator error±1 HzTotal error< 5 %Sensing Distance***0.200" - 1.6" (5 - 40 mm), typically (2.5"/60 mm max, depending upon ambient light & surface of belt to be measured)CasingABS PlasticDisplay2 line LCD, 16 character per lineInput Rangefree span length: up to 9.990 mbelt mass: up to 9.999 kg/mBelt DensityBelt Density (d = kg/m or lb/ft)Belt SpanMin, approx. 10 cm (4 inch)Max, no maximum (as long as belt will oscillate)Warranty1 YearLight SourceRed LEDLight Sizeat 50mm - 6mm Squareat 150mm - 15mm SquarePower Supply9V batteryMetric UnitsMASS must be entered in kg/meterSPAN in "meters"English UnitsMASS must be entered in lbs/ftSPAN in "inches"Operation Video of OriginGermany*BTM-400PLUS can measure up to 800 Hz, however most belts will break near 400Hz**Static tension (T) accuracy depends on the precision of entered values for free belt span (L), density (d) and natural frequency (f) of the vibrating free belt span, that has been plucked or struck, as noted in the relationship: T = 4dL2f2. Note that highest accuracy is achieved in the frequency mode where readings are accurate to <1%, ± 1 Hz.***Sensing distance can be extended when ambient light level is low also by adding a piece of reflective tape in the "target area" of the belt.