Chiaravalli CHB05 R.1t24 KNO.754P 95 GR.8O Motore And Gearbox

Chiaravalli CHB05 R.1t24 KNO.754P 95 GR.8O  Motore And Gearbox Image

Chiaravalli CHB05 R.1t24 KNO.754P 95 GR.8O Motore And Gearbox

Product Name: Chiaravalli CHB05 R.1t24 KNO.754P 95 GR.8O Motore And Gearbox
Brand: Chiaravalli
Product Code: CHB05 R.1t24 KNO.754P 95 GR.8O
Tags: Chiaravalli
Motore And Gearbox

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The new CHB worm gearboxes of Chiaravalli SPA have been produced to satisfy the market that require a product in dimensions and construction without changing the existing drawings and to guarantee non stop of their spare parts.Chiaravalli designed this new product by improving and introducing better technical modifications to offer easier application of the groups to the different assembling configurations so that by offering a better service in flexibility and delivery time. Starting from these considerations , we have a gearbox with a motor mounting flange that is separable from the housing which incorporate the oil seal; in this way we avoid any risk of damaging the oil seal in case of replacement of the input flange and the O-Ring can be eliminated. All the aside covers, swinging and with feet, have O-Rings instead of traditional flat gaskets. The sizes 03-04-05 allow the rotation of the feet without disassembling them; furthermore the versions with swinging aside covers allow the lateral flanges to be fitted on both sides with simple fixing screws.The worm screw has a ZI involute profile: with this worm-wheel coupling we shall get a better performance with a temperature reduction.The gearboxes and motors are painted with RAL 9022 aluminium colour epoxy powder to protect the parts from oxidation and against micro—blowholes that can come during the pressure of die-castings. The CHPC pre-stage gears (already present in the catalogue of CHM) can also be mounted with this range, obtaining a gear ratio up to 1:300. For bigger reductions is possible to have two gears together using an appropriate kit.LUBRICATIONAll of the groups are supplied with a synthetic lubricant maintenance free and can be mounted in any position. The types of lubricants are described in the table here below.MOTOR MOUNTING FLANGESGears supplied with mounting flanges must be assembled with motors whose shaft and flange tolerances correspond to a “normal” class of quality in order to avoid vibration and forcing of the input bearing. Motors supplied by Chiaravalli guarantee this requirement fulfilled.For ease of consultation, the correspondence of the size of the B5 and B14 motor with the sizes of the shaft and the motor connection flange are shown in the following table.Remember that, as the motor connection flanges are separate from the body it is also possible to have a shaft / flange combination that does not correspond to the table, e.g. 19/140, thereby offering adaptability for other non-unified models such as the brushless or direct current types.FEET ROTATIONGears with feet can be rotated into the N and V positions by simply unscrewing the fixing screws. We recommend that some sealant is applied to the 4 screws close to the worm screw, as the holes are through holes.