CMT VIB-CT-50024 Grease Meter

CMT VIB-CT-50024  Grease Meter Image

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The Grease Meter is a plant tool used for monitoring and control of the lubrication process. The Grease Meter measures the actual bearing lubrication status and informs the operator when the lubrication state is optimal. The instrument helps to ensure that bearings will not be under or over lubricated. The use of the Grease Meter extends the bearings life and avoids wasting lubricant. Headphones can be connected to listen to the bearing condition. The device is simple to operate and also enables you to perform basic measurements and diagnosis of bearing condition. Another very useful tool of the Grease Meter is its route measurement functionality. Using the software you are able to plan a route of various measurement points. When the route is set in the software it can easily be transferred to the device via its USB connection. Afterwards you just follow the list of measurement points displayed on the screen.The instrument is supplied as a complete measurement kit including an industry standard piezoelectric sensor, magnet and coiled cable for industrial use. The Grease Meter is designed for the maintenance of rotating machinery.  The lubrication status is indicated by traffic light colours.