CompAir A10525274 Oil Filter

CompAir A10525274  Oil Filter Image

CompAir A10525274 Oil Filter

Product Name: CompAir A10525274 Oil Filter
Brand: CompAir
Product Code: A10525274
Oil Filter

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DescriptionCOMPAIRAIR/OIL SEPARATORREPLACEMENT PARTNOT EXACT FILTER, BUT VERY SIMILAR. GENERIC PHOTO USED.PART# A10525274PAC# A10525274Specifically designed to fit your original equipment, this air/oil separator offers equal to or better than performance based on each manufacturer’s stringent specifications. Since our suppliers specialize in filtration, they are able to take OEM requirements and combine that knowledge with their filtration experience to build a superior separator.This separator meets for exceeds the OEM separator at a much lower cost. These separators can reduce your annual maintenance cost.