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Single pole conductor rail for curved tracks and circular or oval applications. Preferably for Electrified Monorail Systems (EMS) with limited space.Special featuresFast mounting with plug and screw connector solutionCompact design for multiple poles in limited space (phase distance 14 or 12 mm)Easy mounting and flexible combination with 4-, 6-, 8- or 10-pole clip-on rail holdersRail holder for all common EMS rail systems availableFlexible on-site rail adaptation (bending device)Power can be fed via every rail connector or end capMain applicationsEMS (Electrified Monorail Systems)Circular tracks / Slip ringsSpecial purpose equipmentStandard application dataNominal Current (at 100% duty cycle) [A]: 32 | 100Voltage Grade [V]: 690Rail Length [mm]: 4.000 [13.12 ft]Outside-Dimensions (Pol) [mm]: 9,6 x 15,2 [0.38" x 0.60"]Operating Conditions: for indoor and weather protected outdoor applicationsTrack Configuration: straight courses / easy onside rail adaptaion on cource layout