Doseuro 89 AISI 316 Tested Body

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A series Piston pumps are available in four different sizes:   A 125 N - Max 156 Ltrs/hr   A 175 N - Max 408 Ltrs/hr   A 250 N - Max 1042 Ltrs/hr   A 350 N - Max 1458 Ltrs/hrFor these four types 11 different piston sizes are available to suit each clients' applications for capacity and pressure.Piston metering pumps are suitable for use when:   The dosed liquid is a non abrasive solution.   A drip proof system is not essential.   High pressure dosing is requiredStandard materials of pump-head construction:AISI 316 Stainless steel and PVC.Available in many different materials of construction to suit the chemicals in use.Jacketed pump-heads for either cooling or heating are available to suit requirements. Piston glan arrangements can be supplied with water washed seals to continuously flush the piston.Piston seals are of the lip seal type design, but "V" type seals are also available in PTFE.