DR. LEYE K60/3 HT Sampling cooler

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The sampling cooler K60/3 HT is a standard cooler, whose design follows the VGB/DGRL or, as an alternative the ASTM.It can be used for water and steam under pressures of up to 300 bar and temperatures up to 550°C, depending upon the material of the cooling coil.The sampling cooler K60/2 HT has a special design for high cooling water flow velocities and, thus, a high cooling efficiency. The cooler casing can be easily removed and facilitates an easy cleaning of the cooling coil. A sample thermometer at the cooler outlet is included in the standard equipment. A special option is the cooler with integrated sample filter.• For temperatures up to 550°C• Highly corrosion-proof cooling coil• Removable cooler casing• Drain screw for cooling water• Optionally available withsample filter