Dropsa 3600250  Prismart Image

Dropsa 3600250 Prismart

Product Name: Dropsa 3600250 Prismart
Brand: Dropsa
Product Code: 3600250

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- Max Delivery: 220 cm³/min (13,45 cu.in.)/min- Max pressure: 30 bar (411 psi)- Prismart O for oil: - min. 68 cSt - max. 320 cSt- Prismart FG for fluid grease: - max. NLGI 00- Voltages: 110 or 230 V / 50 and 60 Hz.- Standard minimum level: with capaci-tance sensor for light grease version, with Samba level sensor for oil version.- Pressure gauge: mounted on the pump at 60 bar (882 psi)- Pressure switch: as standard (N.O.) to detect system in pressure