Eaton EDU 251 Duplex Filter

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Eaton´s stainless steel pressure filter changeover series EDU have a working pressure up to 464 psi (32 bar). Pressure peaks can be absorbed with a sufficient safety margin. A three-way-change-over valve which is integrated in the middle of the housing makes it possible to switch from the dirty filter-side to the clean filter-side without interrupting operation.FILTER TYPEInline mountedMAX. OPERATING PRESSURE464 psi (32 bar)OPERATING TEMPERATURE14-176 °F (-10-80 °C) Core features Changeover valve High intrinsic stability Excellent filtration capability High dirt-retaining capacity Long service life Applications·         Suitable for petroleum based fluids·         HW-emulsions·         Most synthetic hydraulic fluids and lubrication oilsSPECIFICATIONS operating temperature: -14 °F to +212 °F operating medium: mineral oil, other media on request max. operating pressure: 464 PSI test pressure: 900 PSI max. operating pressure with IS20: 232 PSI test pressure with IS20: 464 PSI process connection: SAE-flange connection 3000 PSI housing material: EN10213-1.4581, EN10028-1.4301 (tube extension EDU401) sealing material: Nitrile (NBR) or Viton (FPM), other materials on request installation position: vertical measuring connections: BSPP ¼ drain- and bleeder connections: BSPP ½ volume tank EDU251: 2x .66 Gal. volume tank EDU401: 2x .97 Gal.