Ele Fantini SCVC-1 Coaxial Linear Actuators

Ele Fantini SCVC-1 Coaxial  Linear Actuators Image

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ACTUATORS - SCVC COAXIAL - SCVC-1 - TECHNICAL DATAFORZAFORCE10000NVelocità mm/secSpeed3366100133166Potenza installata KWMotor power KW1,11,51,852,23Grandezza motore IP 55Size of motor IP 5590 S-B590 L-B590 L-B5100 L-B5100 L-B5Giri motore /1'Motor RPMGiri vite manovraWorking screw RPM1400400Riduttore tipoReducing gear unit type11122Diametro viteScrew diameterPasso viteScrew pitch25 x 525 x 1025 x 1625 x 2025 x 24ACTUATORS - SCVC COAXIAL - SCVC-1 - DIMENSIONSa(1)bc(2)dfhi1869014 x 2451811820(1) add stroke length in mm.(2) see screw top endRiduttore tipoReducing gear unit type12Potenza motore KWMotor power KW1,11,51,852,23Grandezza motoreSize of motors90 S90 L90 L100 L100 LV356381381419419Z200200200250250E150150150190190G210210210260260Hg63030303535M145145145190190N4040404545S2828283535- non binding dimensions