Elwa KVEc-9  Preheater Image

Elwa KVEc-9 Preheater

Product Name: Elwa KVEc-9 Preheater
Brand: Elwa
Product Code: KVEc-9
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The ultracompact KVEc heaters offer highly effective heating power for processes with water or similar media. Important development targets were minimised footprint and perfect cost control without compromise on quality and reliability and serviceability.DesignThe KVEc series is based on our renowned KVE series. We use high-quality centrifugal pumps (wet runners and dry runners). All components can be exchanged with standard tools.Heat transferDue to the perfect hydraulic flow around the heating elements, the medium is gently heated to the specified temperature. The surface load (W/cm²) is approximately 8 W/cm².All units are equipped with built in safety temperature limiters (STB). Optional additional safety devices: safety valves.Optional softshell insulation. Standard: threaded connection 1″ (inner thread)