Enerpac CLRG1508 Hydraulic Cylinder

Enerpac CLRG1508  Hydraulic Cylinder Image

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Integral stop ring provides piston blow-out protection. Baked enamel outside finish and plated pistons provide superior corrosion protection. Interchangeable, hardened grooved saddles are standard. Base mounting holes are standard on all models. Plunger wiper reduces contamination, extending cylinder life. Single-acting, load return.Specifications(Kg): 78Stroke (mm): 200Cylinder Bore Diameter E (mm): 159,0Oil Capacity (cm3): 3971Cylinder Effective Area (cm2): 198,6Cylinder Capacity ton (kN): 150 (1390)Plunger Diameter F (mm): 114,0Base to Advance Port H (mm): 61Saddle Protr. from Plgr. K (mm): 1Extended Height B (mm): 546Outside Dia. D (mm): 205Standard Saddle Dia. J (mm): 94Depth of Plunger Hole L (mm): 19Collapsed Height A (mm): 346