ETP CLASSIC 28 Hub-Shaft Connection

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The original - a competitive connection for all normal needs!ETP-CLASSIC is used in a large variety of applications, for mounting timing belt pulleys, cam curves and arms etc. Positioning along and around the shaft is easy and fast with high precision. Service and maintenance are also quick because of the easy dismantling. ETP-CLASSIC is recommended for all normal needs.ETP-CLASSIC is also available in stainless, type R, suitable for the food and medical industries.Construction ETP-CLASSIC is a hydraulic connection which consists of a double-walled hardened steel sleeve, filled with a specially developed pressure medium, sealing ring, piston, pressure flange and cap head clamping screws. ETP-CLASSIC type R is made of stainless steel and has hex head stainless steel clamping screws. This in order to facilitate easy cleaning, essential within food processing. Operation When tightening the screws, the sleeve expands uniformly against hub and shaft and creates a rigid joint. When loosening the screws, the sleeve returns to its original measurements and can easily be dismantled. ETP-CLASSIC type R has a few more clamping screws, as the tightening torque is lower for stainless steel screws.