ETP POWER 1 ¾’’ Hub-Shaft Connection

ETP POWER 1 ¾’’  Hub-Shaft Connection Image

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Fast mounting and high radial loadsETP-POWER is a hydraulic connection with the highest performance among the single screw ETP hub-shaft connections. With ETP-POWER all the positive benefits and features of hydraulic clamping, such as easy handling, compact design and precision, is combined with high radial load capacity due to the specific properties of the pressure medium.Construction ETP-POWER is a hydraulic connection which consists of a double-walled hardened steel sleeve filled with a specially developed pressure medium and a flange. The flange part contains screw and piston with seals to maintain pressure. In the flange there are two pre-machined bores which can be used for mounting location pins, screws to the hub or similar. Operation When the pressure screw is tightened the double-walled sleeve expands uniformly against shaft and hub and creates a rigid joint. Dismantling is done by loosening the screw. ETP-POWER returns to its original dimensions and can easily be dismantled.