Exheat High Temperature Applications

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FeaturesHeaters connected in series of vessels for optimal heat transferMultiple heaters allow for varying heat input across the required loadProcess simulation for optimal designStand-off construction to meet the specification and certification requirements for terminal box temperaturesHeat shield and insulation discs for terminal box temperature protectionUse of rod-type baffles to meet heat transfer requirements whilst ensuring a very low system pressure dropDirect welding of element sheath to tubesheet utilising automated orbital welding processSpecificationsDesign CapabilitiesHeaters can be designed for up to 5000kW in a single heater bundle and for process temperatures up to 800°C; process guarantees for confirmed temperatures and pressure dropsVessel MaterialsStainless steel 321/321H, Stainless steel 316 Ti, Chromoly steelInternal MaterialsAlloy 600, Alloy 800, Alloy 825