Fiama Pfa5000T Transmitter

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PFA3000, PFA4000, PFA5000, PFA6000, PFA8000, PFA10000, PFA12000 are wire potentiometric position transducers that convert a linear displacement into a resistance variation. They consist of a precision rotary potentiometer that is operated by winding or unwinding a stainless steel wire. The peculiar characteristics of these transducers are their low cost and ease of installation.There are analogue voltage and current outputs.The combination with a display or an electronic positioner (for example V3P, V4P, VE6P, P3X) provides a simple and effective system for the measurement of linear movements on cranes, shutters, stroke of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders, automatic machines, machines for working with wood, marble, glass, etc.They are made in a sturdy anodized aluminum case.