Fisher 1008 Manual Handwheel Actuator

Fisher 1008   Manual Handwheel Actuator Image

Fisher 1008 Manual Handwheel Actuator

Product Name: Fisher 1008 Manual Handwheel Actuator
Brand: Fisher
Product Code: 1008
Manual Handwheel Actuator

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Fisher™ 1008 Manual Handwheel ActuatorThe Fisher 1008 manual handwheel actuator is used in applications that require a throttling type of control valve that can be manually operated and set. This actuator can be used on nearly all standard globe style or angle style control valve body assemblies. No special valve body adaptor is required for use with the 1008 actuator, so that future conversion from manual to automatic control can be accomplished at minimum cost. The 1008 actuator is capable of giving precise manual throttling control. A travel indicator mounted on the actuator yoke provides a visual indication of valve plug position at all times. A dial-type valve plug position indicator is also available as optional equipment.SpecificationsActuationManualCertificationsCUTRControl TypeOn/OffOperating TemperatureStandard TemperaturePower SourceManualProcess ControlOn/OffValve TypeGlobe Valve, Angle ValveOther ConfigurationsContact your local Emerson business partner or sales office to learn about additional specifications or options for this product.