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Fisher™ Large ED/EWD and ET/EWT Valves NPS 12 through 30Fisher™ ENVIRO-SEAL™ Bellows Seal BonnetsThe Fisher easy-e ED valve is available in globe and angle bodies.This single-port control valve has a balanced valve plug design, cage guiding, and metal-to-metal seating for all general applications over a wide range of process pressure drops and temperatures.FeaturesENVIRO-SEAL™ packing systems that provide an improved stem seal to help prevent the loss of process fluid are available. These packing systems feature PTFE or Graphite ULF packing with live-loading for reduced packing maintenance.Rugged cage guiding provides high valve plug stability, which reduces vibration and mechanical noise.Streamlined flow passages in the ED, EAD, and EDR valves provide excellent capacities and flow.Increased wear resistance of hardened stainless steel trim means longer-lasting service.Use of multiple graphite piston rings permit Class IV shutoff up to 593°C (1100°F). Use of C-seal trim permits Class V shutoff up to 593°C (1100°F).Valves are available with dimensions specified by EN/DIN standards.Unless otherwise noted, references are to NACE MR0175-2002. Optional materials are available to meet NACE MR0103 and NACE MR0175 / ISO 15156.