Fisher R622 Pressure Reducing Regulator

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Fisher™ Type R622 Pressure Reducing RegulatorType R622 direct-operated, spring-loaded regulators provide economical pressure reducing control in a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial applications. These regulators can be used with natural, manufactured, or liquefied petroleum gases and have the same inlet and outlet pressure capabilities.FeaturesCompact DesignHigh CapacityProtective Inlet ScreenInternal ReliefLight WeightInlet and Outlet Pressure Gauge TapsSpecificationsBody Sizes and End Connection Styles1/2 NPTMaximum Inlet PressureOperating: 125 psig / 8,6 barEmergency: 125 psig / 8,6 barExcept 1.8 to 2.2-inches w.c. / 4 to 5 mbar spring range which has operating and emergency pressures of 60 psig / 4,1 barMaximum Outlet (Casing) PressureOperating to Avoid Internal Part Damage: 3 psid / 0,21 bar d above outlet pressure settingEmergency: 20 psi / 1,4 barOutlet Pressure Ranges1.8-2.2wc/4-5mbar5-7wc/12-17mbar6.5-9wc/16-22mbar9-13wc/22-32mbar13-20wc/32-48mbar16-35wc/40-87mbar1-2.2 psig/0,07-0,15 barPressure RegistrationInternalTemperature Capabilities-20° to 160°F / -29° to 71°CApproximate Weight2.35 Pounds / 1 kg