Fisher H200 Series Relief Valves

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Fisher™ H200 Series Relief ValvesH200 Series pop relief valves are direct-operated relief valves with preset and pinned spring retainers. When the inlet gas pressure increases above the spring setting, the poppet and disk assembly is pushed away from the orifice. With this simple operation and wide spring setting selection, the H200 Series Pop relief valves may be used where venting to atmosphere is acceptable and where some pressure relieving tolerance is acceptable. A common application is on farm tap installations.FeaturesSpace-Saving ConstructionEconomicalDurableProtective CapSpecificationsWide-Open Sizing CoefficientCg: 405Maximum Allowable Relief (Inlet) Pressure400 psig / 27,6 barFixed Relief Pressures25 to 300 psig / 1,7 to 20,7 bar with 12 settingsAvailable Configurations and End Connection StylesType H202: NPS 3/4, NPTType H203: NPS 1, NPTTemperature Capabilities-20° to 160°F / -29° to 71°CApproximate Weight0.5 pound / 0,2 kg