Foxboro SRP981-BIDLS1NA Positioner

Foxboro SRP981-BIDLS1NA   Positioner Image

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Pneumatic PositionerBase Model: SRP98l-BIDLS1NAFUNCTION: For Attach?nent To Final Control Signal For OperationSRP981 Of Pneumatic Valve Actuators With Pneumatic Control Signal. {PTBRegistered According To ATEX)B VERSION: Single ActingIINPUT: Signal Range 0.2 - l bar/3-15 psi/20-100 kPa; Split RangeUp To 4 Fold PossibleD MODE OF ACTION: Increasing Input Increases OutputL GAUGES: Without GaugesSBUILT-IN LiMiT SWITCH/POSITION TRANSMITTER:Without1 CABLE ENTRY: Without Cable GlandN ATTACHMENT KIT: Order As Auxilia?yA MANIFOLD: Order As Auxilia?y