Foxboro SRD960-CHQDSN6EDZRF-MX Intelligent Positioner

Foxboro SRD960-CHQDSN6EDZRF-MX  Intelligent Positioner Image

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FUNCTION: Intelligent Positioner SRD960 Certified Exd/ Flameproof/Explosionproof With Advanced Diagnostics To Operate Pneumatic Valve Actuators. Input Signal 4-20 mA / HART / PROFIBUS-PA / FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 According To FISCO . In The Version SRD-T, The Unit Serves As A Position Transmitter For Continuous Feedback (4 To 20 mA) And/Or Limit Switch. In The Version SRD-L, The Unit Is A Local Control Panel For The Monitoring Of The PST FunctionalityCVERSION: Double ActingHINPUT / COMMUNICATION: HART (4-20 mA)QADDITIONAL INPUTS/OUTPUTS:(Integrated Into Device) Analog Position Feedback (4-20mA) - Integrated And Connected As Option Board And With One Binary Output For AlarmDDISPLAY / INDICATION: Graphic LCD (Cover With Window And External Pushbuttons)SGAUGES: WithoutNPNEUMATIC CONNECTION: 1/4 - 18 NPT6ELECTRICAL CONNECTION: 1/2 - 14 NPT (Without Cable Glands Or Plugs For Certified SRD960)EDZELECTRICAL CLASSIFICATION / EXPLOSION PROTECTION: Flameproof II 2 G EEx d IIB/IIC T4/T5/T6 According To ATEX (Without Cable Glands Or Plugs)RMOUNTING PREPARATION ON POSITIONER: Rotary Actuators According To VDI/VDE 3845FLANGUAGE: LCD Language In English / German / ItalianMOPTIONAL MODEL SUFFIX(ES) INCLUDED: Diaphragm Amplifier for double acting positionerXOPTIONAL MODEL SUFFIX(ES) INCLUDED: Cover For Protection Of Local