FSG PE-MEMS-x-i/GS60L Series Tilt Angle Sensor

FSG PE-MEMS-x-i/GS60L Series  Tilt Angle Sensor Image

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with oil-damped pendulum systemsTilt angle values of a platform e.g. oncranes and heavy-duty vehiclesexcavators and drilling machinesships and offshore facilitiesstand for important measuring data as a part of the safety and control system of that type of machinery. Angular measurement is, for instance for equipment levelling, performed in such cases by means of dual axis pendulum systems.Single axis pendulum systems detect e.g.angular positions of a crane jiblateral inclination of a vehicleorientation of a lifting platform, weir trap or of comparable facilitiesTransducers of that type contain inside a robust splash-proof aluminium case of protection degree IP 65 to IP 68 oil-damped pendulum systems, the tilt angle dependant swing of which is measured, depending on the application, either by a potentiometric, non-contact inductive or an optoelectronic angular encoder. For measurements relevant to safety, the pendulum swing per axis is detected with redundancy i.e. by means of two mechanically and electrically independent pendulum systems.The output signal, representing the tilt angles, is provided either in form of an analog resistance, current or voltage variation or as a digital signal - with interface bus - as well.For the application as tilt actuated switch e.g. on lifting platforms, crane vehicles or heeling control systems on board of cargo ships, uniaxial transducers can be provided with built-in min/max comparators.For signal indication and limit monitoring of measured tilt angle values we offer:coordinate displays (x/y-indicators)min/max-switchgearssignal converters for signal conversion and monitoring the resultant tilt angle value, derived from x- and y-axis