Goyen ISP-ACAC40-PCA Sensor

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Integrato Sequencer DP AC-IN AC-OUT 40-0/P Polycarbonate Enclosure ATEX with dP sensorThe Integrato Sequencer (IS & ISP) features integrated controls intended for use with larger reverse pulse jet filter cleaning systems. The IS & ISP have been designed to operate across a wide range of environmental conditions. It is suitable for use with all types of filters, including bags, cartridges, sintered metal or ceramic filters. ISP has a built-in differential pressure sensor, allowing this sequencer to be demand drivenFeatures & Specifications:DP SUPPORT : 0 to 4.5 kPaINPUT VOLTAGE AC: 100/240 V @ 50/60 HzOUTPUT VOLTAGE AC: 100/240 V @ 50/60 Hz (same as input), DC: 24 VMAXIMUM INPUT POWER : AC IN, AC OUT Model: 225 W, AC IN, DC OUT Model: 65 WDISCRETE SOLENOID OUTPUTS : 12, 20 or 40 outputsENCLOSURE : Polycarbonate or no enclosurePROTECTION RATING (LARGE ENCLOSURE) : Polycarbonate: IP 66/67 & NEMA 1, 3, 3S, 4, 4X, 6, 6P & 12PROTECTION RATING (SMALL ENCLOSURE) : Polycarbonate: IP65 & NEMA 1, 4, 4X, 12 & 13OPERATING TEMPERATURE : ?40°C to 60°C (?40°F to 140°F)ON & OFF TIME ON : 30 ms to 1000 ms, OFF: 1 s to 1000 sINPUTS Voltage Free : Fan Stop, Low Header AlarmOUTPUTS Voltage Free : Coil ErrorAnalogue Output : 4–20 mA dP signal on the ISPLow temperature operation ?40°C (?40°F)Automatic valve detection.Voltage-free coil error output and a visual indication on the display showing which pilot valve output has an error, enabling quick fault finding and debugging.Controls up to 40 pilot valves. Each AC output can have 10 pilot valves connected in parallel, enabling up to 400 pilot valves to be supported. Each DC output can have 3 pilot valves connected in parallel between ?20°C to 60°C (?4°F to 140°F), enabling up to 120 pilot valves to be supported and 2 pilot valves connected in parallel between ?40°C to 60°C (?40°F to 140°F), enabling up to 80 pilot valves to be supported.Conforms to the requirements of UL, CE, FCC and RCM.