Grundfos SP60-17 Rp4 6 Image

Grundfos SP60-17 Rp4 6

Product Name: Grundfos SP60-17 Rp4 6
Brand: Grundfos
Product Code: SP60-17 Rp4 6
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Submersible Pump

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SpecificationsLiquid:Pumped liquid:  WaterMaximum liquid temperature:  40 °CMax liquid t at 0.15 m/sec:  40 °CLiquid temperature during operation:  20 °CDensity:  998.2 kg/m³Technical:Speed for pump data:  2900 rpmRated flow:  60 m³/hRated head:  135 mShaft seal for motor:  CER/CARNBRApprovals on nameplate:  CE,GOST2Curve tolerance:  ISO9906:2012 3BMotor version:  T40Materials:Pump:  Stainless steel   EN 1.4301   AISI 304Impeller:  Stainless steel   EN 1.4301   AISI 304Motor:  Stainless steel   DIN W.-Nr. 1.4301   AISI 304Installation:Pump outlet:  RP4Motor diameter:  6 inchElectrical data:Motor type:  MS6000Rated power - P2:  30 kWPower (P2) required by pump:  30 kWMains frequency:  50 HzRated voltage:  3 x 380-400-415 VRated current:  66.5-64.0-63.0 AStarting current:  450-500-530 %Cos phi - power factor:  0.87-0.85-0.82Rated speed:  2850-2870-2880 rpmStart. method:  direct-on-lineEnclosure class (IEC 34-5):  IP68Insulation class (IEC 85):  FBuilt-in temp. transmitter:  yesOthers:Minimum efficiency index, MEI ≥:  0.40ErP status:  EuP Standalone/Prod.Net weight:  128 kgGross weight:  169 kgShipping volume:  0.369 m³Danish VVS No.:  388343170