Gruner 232D3-230-06-069 Actuator

Gruner 232D3-230-06-069  Actuator Image

Gruner 232D3-230-06-069 Actuator

Product Name: Gruner 232D3-230-06-069 Actuator
Brand: Gruner
Product Code: 232D3-230-06-069

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The Shuft 232-024-15 electric drive is used in ventilation systems with air dampers and valves.Main characteristics:- the bracket is installed;- two positions in management;- compact size allows the drive to be installed in a small space;- the presence of screw terminals that do not require connectors;- the ability to independently select the direction of rotation.The Shuft 232-024-15 electric actuator does not need any special maintenance. Possibility of additional installation of an option in the form of a rotation angle limiter.Safety measures: work must be performed by a specialist with the power supply disconnected in compliance with safety requirements. For outdoor work, moisture protection is required.Torque of rotation15 NmPurpose / applicationvalve setting and controlFood24/50/1 V / Hz / F