Haskel M-36  Pump Image

Haskel M-36 Pump

Product Name: Haskel M-36 Pump
Brand: Haskel
Product Code: M-36

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roven to be safe, robust, reliable, compact, and easy to maintain, Haskel pneumatic-driven liquid pumps provide a number of operational benefits:Up to 100,000 psi (7000 bar) capabilitySafe pneumatic operation – no heat, flame or spark riskATEX certifiedInfinitely variable cycling speedStall feature at pre-determined pressure to hold that pressure without consuming powerProblem-free stop/start applicationsEasily automated, with many modification and control options availableSuitable for most liquids and liquefied gasesNo need for air-line lubrication, which saves costs and prevents contaminationTech SpecsHorsepower0.33Max Air Drive125Nominal Ratio36Actual Ratio37Max Continuous Pressure (PSI)4500Max Intermitten Pressure (PSI)4500Max CPM325Displacement (cu-in)0.12Inlet Port3/8" NPTOutlet Port1/4" NPT