Landefeld Air units, 2-piece, Eco-Line

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Description Version: Filter regulator, resettable (with relieving) with attached lubricator Materials: Bodies: aluminium, spring hood: polyamide, diaphragm and seals: NBR, container: polycarbonate Temperature range: max. +60°C Input pressure: 1,5 - 10 bar (regulation range: 0.5 - 8.5 bar) Pore width in the filter: 5 µm Media: Compressed air Advantages: •Automatic venting in the event of overpressure on the secondary side, •Easy assembly of individual components from a particular model series using coupling kits, •Hand wheel can be locked by pressing down on it, •Mounting brackets are included in the scope of delivery, •Pre-mounted space-saving compact pressure gauge •Can be filled with oil while under pressure EIC 2010-02 EIC 3010-03 EIC 4010-04 EIC 5010-10 EIC 2010-02D * EIC 3010-03D EIC 4010-04D EIC 5010-10D