Landefeld Pressure regulators, Standard

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Description Operating pressure: 0 - 9 bar Pressure regulation range: 1 - 8 bar (pressure gauge display: 0,1 - 0,8 MPa) Media: Compressed air, neutral gases Function: •If the primary pressure flows from P, reduced pressure escapes at the connection side. •The compact construction with integrated quick connector permits a flexible assembly. •The regulator is provided with overpressure protection, which especially simplifies the installation of pneumatic equipment. LRIQS M54 LRMAIQS M54 LRIQS 40 LRMAIQS 40 LRIQS 184 LRMAIQS 184 LRIQS 60 LRMAIQS 60 LRIQS 186 LRMAIQS 186 LRIQS 80 LRMAIQS 80 LRIQS 146 LRMAIQS 146 LRLLIQS M54 LRLLIQS 186 LRIQS 148 LRMAIQS 148 LRLLIQS 184  LRLLIQS 146