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Leistritz L4NG Screw Pumps

Product Name: Leistritz L4NG Screw Pumps
Brand: Leistritz
Product Code: L4NG
Screw Pumps

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Leistritz screw pumps in the L4N range are twin-screw, double-volute, self-priming displacement pumps for the low-pressure range. They are used to pump aggressive / non-aggressive, abrasive / non-abrasive low to high-viscosity fluids with lubrication / non-lubrication properties.L4NG technical data Capacity Max. 5,000 m³/h (755.300 bpd) Differential pressure Max. 16 bar (222 psi) Viscosity Max. 150,000 cSt Operating temperature Max. 350° C (662° F) Cased pumps with replaceable insert Flange-mounting in accordance with DIN or ANSI available Welded version with a variety of flange arrangements and heating system options Single-acting or double-acting mechanical seals available (as well as cartridge seals) Suitable for use for multi-phase applications to a limited extent - gas contents up to 30 % Pumping of non-Newtonian fluids Stainless steel version available External heating available High temperature version available