Leistritz L3V/L3U Series Screw Pumps

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Leistritz screw pumps in the L3V/L3U range are three-spindle, single-volute, self-priming positive displacement pumps capable of ultra-high flow and pressure ranges. They are used to pump slightly abrasive, low to high-viscosity fluids with good to poor lubricating characteristics.L3V/L3U technical data Capacity Max. 180 m³/h (792 gpm) Differential pressure Max. 280 bar (4,060 psi) Viscosity Max. 1,000 cSt Operating temperature Max. 280° C (536° F) L3VF/L3UF·  Cased pumps with changeable insert·  Flange-mounting in accordance with DIN or ANSI available·  Welded version with individual flange arrangements and heating system options ·  Also available as L3VF / L3UF upon request