Mecair RCA25DD4 Dresser Nut Valve

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ATEX II 3 D (94/9/CE); when used with the approved integrated solenoid pilot model VEM+PV 24V/DCX (solenoid coil is 24 V-DC/18 W and DIN connector in conformity with the ATEX Directive 94/9/CE) (PLG11-ATEX). ATEX II 2 GD when mounted with PXA Pilot or CXD Enclosure (94/9/CE).The Goyen DD series and Mecair 300 series are high-performance diaphragm valves with dresser nut connections for reverse pulse jet systems in dust collectors. They are used around the world to frequently clean the filters in systems aiming to control the dispersion of noxious substances, improve indoor air quality in workplaces, or prevent harmful dust emissions.The tough and reliable construction of these Goyen and Mecair dresser nut valves make them suitable for use in dust management systems in all types of industries and processes, including:cement production mining applications silo and conveyor systems, bulk goods handling general industrial dust collectionimproving indoor workplace air quality preventing harmful emissions power industry: protecting boilers and gas turbines from dust particles