Mecair VEM312 Dresser Nut Valve

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Mecair 300 Series Dresser Nut Valve With Remote Pneumatic Connection, Valve Connection Diameter: 1-1/2" single DiaphragmThe 300 Series is a range of Diaphragm valves suitable for dust collector applications, in particular for reverse pulse jet filter cleaning of filter bags, cartridges, envelope filters, ceramic filters and sintered metal fibre filters.Construction Features:Cover: Diecast Aluminium (anodised)Body: Diecast Aluminium (anodised)Pilot Base: Brass (chromed)Pilot: Stainless SteelDiaphragm: NBRBolts and Screws: Stainless SteelDiaphragm Backing Disk: Stainless SteelDiaphragm Spring: Stainless SteelElectrical Characteristics:Coil Insulation: Class HDIN Socket Connector: Pg9 Connection (cable entry)DIN Socket Standard: EN175301 - 803 (previously DIN 43650A) / A/ISO 4400DIN Socket Optional: 94/9/CE ATEX II 3GD T6Isolation Class DIN Socket: VDE 0110 - 1/89DIN Socket Protection: IP65 EN60529Ambient Temperature: -30°C/+40°C