Negele NSL-M-01 Continuous Level Sensor

Negele NSL-M-01  Continuous Level Sensor Image

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Potentiometric, continuous level measurement in metallic vessels for process temperatures up to 140°C/284°FOptimized resource efficiency through precise measurement even for demanding applications with foam, pasty or highly adhesive mediaFor metallic and pressurized vessels from 80 mm to 1500 mmExtremely fast response time < 100 ms for filling processesMinimum product conductivity typically 50 ?S/cmAutomatic adaptation to media, no adjustment required when changing mediaCompact sensor with 2-wire technologySingle probe version with angled rod, rod diameter 10 mmHygienic thread G1/2? and G1? (CLEANadapt), Tri-Clamp 1” – 2“ as well as Varivent® type F and NInstallation in vessels at the top, the side or from belowHygienic alternative to float sensors due to easily sterilisable installation solution