Nord SK1SI40 Gearbox Image

Nord SK1SI40 Gearbox

Product Name: Nord SK1SI40 Gearbox
Brand: Nord
Product Code: SK1SI40
Tags: Nord SK1SI40 Gearbox Nord Gearbox Gearbox Nord SK1SI40 SK1SI40 Nord SK1SI40 Gearbox

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Additional DescriptionNominal Motor Speed 1,750Ratio 125.00Nominal Output Speed 14.000 rpmService Factor 1.00Nominal Output Torque (lb-in) 584.00Max. Torque Capacity (lb-in) 584.00Maximum Motor Power (HP) 0.186Gearbox Mounting Position UniversalHelical Input Stage Mounting P Input Stage T1Housing Type B5 FlangeInput Adapter N56C Ø165Output Shaft Dimensions 1.000"Flange type I Round Flange with PilotFlange Diameter (in) 4,72Flange Location .Flange Side AFlange Material AluminiumBreather Non vented gearboxOutput Shaft Cover Hollow Shaft CoverShaft Cover Position Ship Cover LooseLubricant Type Food Grade - VG680-SYN-PGLubricant Supplier KlüberLubricant KLUBERSYNTH UH 1 6-680Qty. lubricant (Qts) 0.058Paint Option Without paintCE Logo NoSeparate part Coupling half + sprocket