Noris RF501-S2 Limit Switch

Noris RF501-S2  Limit Switch Image

Noris RF501-S2 Limit Switch

Product Name: Noris RF501-S2 Limit Switch
Brand: Noris
Product Code: RF501-S2
Limit Switch

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Limit value switch for frequency, square wave signal inputSimple application; for rough environmentsLimit value freely adjustable by drum scaleOpen-circuit or closed-circuit devices availableCompact and robust constructionOperating status indication by integrated LEDSupply voltage US Us9 ... 32 VDCInput signalFrequency, square wave signalOutput contactPotential-free normally open contact or normally closed contact, closed circuit or open circuitMaximum switching capacity30 W (1 A at 30 VDC; 0.5 A at 60 VDC); 40 W (0.2 A at 220 VAC)Operating temperature-20 °C ... +70 °CConnectionDIN 46244 fl at connector, gold-plated A6.3 x 0.8MountingSnap-fit on G-channel TS32 or top-hat channel TS35