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Nuovafima BSM/M5B

Product Name: Nuovafima BSM/M5B
Brand: Nuovafima
Product Code: BSM/M5B
Tags: Nuovafima Nuovafima BSM/M5B BSM/M5B

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 Differential pressure gauges? Process, chemical and petrochemical industry? AISI 316L or special materials wetted parts? Non-rotating needle? Operating temperature : -54…+550°C? Stem protected from system media? stop pinIndustrial sector:Chemical, PetrochemicalEnergyOil & GasEngineering Procurement Construction (EPC)Specific applications:NACE versionOXIGEN versionCorrosive fluidsHigh pressureFluctuating pressureVacuumSpecial overpressureCombined (Vacuum + Pressure)VibrationsFunction:AccessoriesAccessories:Valves and manifoldMaterial:All Stainless steelMaximum pressure:6000ps