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Nuovafima MCE10/SF6

Product Name: Nuovafima MCE10/SF6
Brand: Nuovafima
Product Code: MCE10/SF6
Tags: Nuovafima MCE10/SF6 Nuovafima MCE10/SF6

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Industrial sector:SF6 - GasInstrument type:Bourdon tube pressure gaugesConformity:EN 837 standardDirective PED 2014/68/UEDirective BT 2014/35/UEFunction:Electric contactSpecific applications:VacuumCombined (Vacuum + Pressure)Material:Staniless steel and copper alloysRange:-1...0,6 / -1...24barProtection degree:IP 55, IP 65Electrical switching:magnetic snap-action, inductive - intervention: 1...2Working pressure:75% of FSV