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Nuovafima SP

Product Name: Nuovafima SP
Brand: Nuovafima
Product Code: SP
Tags: Nuovafima Nuovafima SP

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Industrial sector:FoodPharmaceuticalSanitaryInstrument type:Bourdon tube pressure gaugesSpecific applications:Crystallizzing fluidsViscous fluidsFluctuating pressureVacuumCombined (Vacuum + Pressure)Sedimentous fluidsVibrationsConformity:Norm ASME B40.13AISO 2852 (CLAMP)EAC ConformityAccuracy:Grade A according to ASME B40.1Function:Local indicationMaterial:All Stainless steelRange:0...15 / 0...600psi, 0...1 / 0...40barProtection degree:IP 67Working pressure:75% of FSV