Pressure Tech BP301 Back Pressure Regulator

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INTRODUCING THE BP301... The BP301 is a piston-sensed back pressure regulator for accurate back pressure control on both gas (PCTFE seat) and liquid applications. It is available with flanged connections, perfect for systems that do not accept other options. With a lower Cv of 0.1, the BP301 can control pressures of up to 150 bar (2,175 psi). Alternatively, with a higher Cv of 0.5, it can control up to 35 bar (510 psi). PLEASE CONTACT THE PRESSURE TECH OFFICE IF YOUR ORDER HAS ANY SPECIAL MODIFICATIONS OR REQUIREMENTS. APPLICATIONS: • Fuel analyser systems • Portable calibration kits • Medium pressure reactor vessels • Instrument air lines FEATURES: • Piston sensing element • Suitable for gas or liquid applications • Choice of low flow coefficients • Lightweight and compact design Max. Rated Inlet Pressure Control Ranges Design Proof pressure Seat Leakage Weight 150 bar (2,175 psi) Up to 150 bar (2,175 psi) 150% max. working pressure In accordance with ANSI/FCI 70-3 0.9kg (2lbs)