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INTRODUCING THE CV414-SC...The CV414-SC is a self-closing cylinder valve for high pressure gas systems, offering users a quick and simple disconnect feature. When connected, it provides a continual supply of gas to the system. If a cylinder refill is required, the CV414-SC’s low torque design means it is easy for users to disconnect the valve to isolate the gas supply, even under high pressure, whilst the valve remains attached to the gas cylinder.Plus, as an optional extra, a burst disc may be added to offer additional gas cylinder protection.PLEASE CONTACT THE PRESSURE TECH OFFICE IF YOUR ORDER REQUIRES ANY SPECIAL MODIFICATIONS OR REQUIREMENTS.FEATURES:• Low torque, quick and easy disconnect feature when a cylinder refill is required• Continual supply of gas from the cylinder• Lightweight and compact design• Quick cylinder filling connection for long life-span• Optional burst disc for additional gas cylinder protectionMax. Rated PressureCvDesign Proof PressureLeakageWeight414 bar (6,000 psi)0.06150% max. working pressureBubble-tight shut-off0.14kg (0.3lbs)