PTM DA 0200 Pneumatic Actuator

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All PTM-actuators are based on the rackand pinion principle, picture 2.This fact is responsible for small dimensions.For different mounting alternatives all PTMactuators can be mounted on three or fourmounting surfaces.Rotation angles more than 185° areavailable.Our progressive working end positiondamping starts working just about 10°before reaching the end position bythrottling the exhaust air automatically. Thisguarantees reaching the exact end position.This excludes bouncing in the end positioneven during air pressure variation.A technically necessary backlash of 0,5° isunvoidable at Mini-Actuators with rack-andpinion principle.Main characteristics of our actuators aresmall dimensions, low weight and longlifetime. The power transmission is placedin the centerline of the rack piston toguarantee a very long lifetime. There arePTM-actuators which were returned forrepair only after 13 years of continuousrunning.The smallest Pneumatic Mini Actuator DA0020 with rotation angle of 95° and a torqueof 20 Ncm, has the dimensions of only20x20x43 mm and a weight of 0,050 kg.These small dimensions and weights allowyou to increase the performance-weightratio of your robot or other applications.