PTM DSG Series Three-Pivot-Finger Gripper

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The Three-Pivot-Finger GripperThe pivot fingers are arranged 120° apart andexecute rotational movements up to a max. of 180°.Extremely large clamping strokes can be traversedwith the corresponding length of clamping jaws.The clamping jaws can be changed over with just afew hand movements!If a user clamps geometrically similar, differentlydimensioned workpieces, the large clamping strokesoften mean there is no need to change over theclamping jaws and this in turn saves tooling time.To clamp deformation-sensitive parts, the clampingforce can be applied very delicately.The large clamping stroke is easy to limit using fixedstops.Features• The three-pivot-finger gripper comes in 12 differenttypes and a host of variants.• The clamping finger torques range from 6.5 Nm to585 Nm• The device can be supplied with EX Certificate94/9/EC (on request),electronic end position control, mounting flange,installation bracket and various external seals.• Powered by 4 different pneumatic motors andvarious gears.Advantages• High repeat accuracy!• Very broad clamping ranges!• Extra high clamping forces!• The clamping forces can be applied extremelydelicately for deformation-sensitive workpieces!• Short tooling times!• Drive with pneumatic motor!• Housing from hard-coated aluminum!• Minimum air consumption!• Drives are maintenance-free and spray-waterprotected!DSG 0450DSG 0900DSG 1800DSG 3600